Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012


a man, whos collecting bottles

 Yesterday, I went to the Anti ACTA Demonstration in Berlin.
We met at 1pm and stayed in the cold 'til 4pm, it was like -5°C outside, but fortunately we were dressed appropiately, I mean I felt like I'm wearing a ton of clothes.
But yea the demo went off peaceful and in the end we danced off behind the demo wagon!
We were more than 10.000 people, which is CRAZY.
These are some of the pics I took (obviously I didnt take the picture, where you can see me and my friend holing up the signs)
It was great! Have a nice sunday XX


  1. Actually I wanted to go there, but nobody wanted to join me, so I didn't. Looks like u guys were successfull.

  2. Oh yea I understand, because some of our friends didnt want to join us as well, because it was too cold for them.

  3. I love that you‘re showing, that a blogger can be interested in fashion AND politics. Good job!=)

    1. thank you! yeah, I'm really interested in politics!! xx


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