Freitag, 7. März 2014

Modern Mexican Fashion @ Sony Center in Berlin

Yesterday, I had a date with a girl friend of mine. We met up at Pizza Hut and seriously we ate so much, that I could barely walk. After lunch, we came across this little Mexican fashion show and I happened to have my camera with me. I hadn't touched my camera in a veeery long time, so this was the opportunity for me to use my camera again! Today I looked through my old blog posts and I've noticed that my last post was like 2 yrs ago?? Oh dear. Time for a spontaneous update!

Freitag, 11. Mai 2012

Club der Visionäre

Yesterday, I wrote my last exam, so from now on I'm officially ou of high school! Graduation will be in June though. So right now I'm having so much spare time and all I do is chill.
So to celebrate this "freedom" we decided to go to Club der Visionäre, which is a club not so far away from where I live.
I've had some funny experiences there already... (but nevermind.)

Some chill by the water, some dance..and yes it is always crowded like that! Even during the week!
It was so entertaining yesterday, I know my classmates for such a long time now, and we talked about everything funny/sad/weird that happened to us in those years of school we spent together.
Anyways, if you come to Berlin, go there and you will meet some funny people!

mister monkeyy!!