About Me...

Important Fact About Me: I CAN FLY! (only for a short time)

So yeah this is me and since I think it's very boring to write a whole text about me, I will list some facts about myself, enjoy!

Birth date 05.Feb 1994
Real Name Melisa
Siblings a younger, handsome brother
Actually From Sivas, which is a region in Turkey
Born In Berlin
Occupation Student of Dentistry (4th semester)
Favourite Food pasta, turkish kebap, lobster, fajita de pollo
Favourite Animal elephant
Favourite Make Up Item eyeliner
Favourite Piece of Clothing bra
Favourite Smell the smell of cotton candy, oriental scents
Favourite Class at School politics
Favourite Sport Basketball, Dancing
Favourite Music Alternative, Jazz, Oldschool, House
Countries I've been to (obviously) Germany and Turkey, Italy, France, Greece, USA, UK, Poland, Netherlands, Egypt, Austria, Serbia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Cosovo
Would love to go to Spain, Sweden, Cuba, Jamaica, China, Brazil and many more!

One of my friends
We are here on a "NativeAmericansParty"
Why do you have a blog?
So I can "record" all the stuff in here, that happend in my life. Such as things that I like, things that inspire me and so on. Of course I could do this also in a diary, but hey I just don't wanna waste paper and it's way easier to do that on a blog nowadays.
The following years, I can scroll down and see what happend in my life and what kind of things I wrote. A blog is like a photo album or a diary, it's full of memories.

What are you interested in?

Fashion, Beauty, Photography, Travel

I can't think of any other facts right now, maybe you have something you want to know about me? Just message me or write a comment with your question, I will answer and add that to this page.

XXX Bisous

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